As of 1/1/2019, the Denton Central Appraisal District has failed to provide any information on two separate requests for Disclosure as to how: 1. They can arrive at a value of $ 1.00/sq. ft. on the busiest street in Lake Dallas and assess mine at $ 3.00/sq. ft on one of the quietest streets. 2. They can appraise property directly across the street from me of almost identical area at $ 1.80/sq. ft. The property carious the street also has and a rented house appraise at only $ 340.00. My property is vacant land at $ 3.00/sq.ft. 3. They can classify my quite one-lane street as COMMERCIAL IN TRANSITION when there has been no activity in at least 22 years other than the conversion of an old house to commercial.

The District has requested a court-enforced mediation, and I have settled for health reasons.
      Plaintiff's Original Petition 8/3/2018
      Defendent's Original Response 9/4/2018
      Plaintiff's First Amended Petition 9/18/2018
      Plaintiff's Response 10/5/2018
      Plaintiff's Amended Response 10/12/2018
      Court Order to Re-plead Case 10/26/2018
      Defendant's Response to Plaintiff's Request for Disclosure 10/29/2018
      Plaintiff's Amended Re-Plead Petition for Statutory Basis 11/14/2018
      Defendant's Responses To Plaintiff's Requests For Admissions 12/17/2018
      Defendant's Request for Mediation 1/23/2019
      Plaintiff's Responses To Defendant's Request For Mediation 2/6/2019
      Settlement Document 5/24/2019